Mining Stocks and Cryptocurrencies (April 12, 2019)

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of private messages/emails/etc. from folks who are perhaps more keen than ever to tuning into beaten up/hated/discarded sectors. In particular, mining stocks and cryptos are eliciting much interest.

With mining stocks, some of the favorite sectors include (but are not limited to):

  • Clean Energy EV Metals (lithium, cobalt, nickel, copper, rare earths, etc.)
  • Uranium
  • Gold and Silver
  • Oil & Gas
  • Platinum Group Metals

In regards to cryptos, there’s been a lot of sideways action for a few months now, and most recently, it looks like the sector is starting to turn up again.

Things are BEET RED as we speak at the moment, but looking at the charts, it seems possible that the bear market bottom was put in around February timeframe.

From Coin Market Cap.

Slowly itching its way up, cryptos are…

From Coin Market Cap.

Immense volatility should no doubt be expected to continue in the whacky world of cryptos!

In any case, for both mining stocks and cryptos, I think we’ve got a case of a lot of contrarian investors who are most intrigued with shopping around the discount aisle, especially when you consider how pricey many stock indexes/ETFs, real estate, etc. are trading at today.

For me, as someone who has sort of embraced contrarian speculation (to a large degree), it’s really neat to see, and admittedly refreshing as well.

There are of course many different ways to make money, but turning to assets that are HATED by the masses and trading at/near 52 week lows, is something that I think will always resonate with me.

I mean, what’s the alternative?

Well, here’s what the other (EXTREME) end of the spectrum might look like, as my good buddy FI_Gambler outlines it:


He’s joking (or half-joking) of course, but you get the general idea…


With investing/speculating, it’s NEVER personal, and that’s the beauty of being an Agnostic Investor (we swear allegiance ONLY to early FI, NOT to any particular asset class).


In many ways, because the markets are what the markets are (we’ve got zero control over this), it’s prompted me to do stuff I never would have dreamed of doing even say just 5 short years ago… For instance, as readers might be aware, I recently purchased my first ever personal residence in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Manila.

So far, I’m absolutely loving the experience and I feel like I got an AMAZING deal… Dream location priced at, what, maybe 1/10 of what it costs to buy something in the Bay Area?

Sign of the times…

But in other ways, this type of “out of the box” thinking has kind of got to become more of the norm because it’s really what you might have to resort to in order to unlock “value” in your own eyes.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some folks who have serious $$$ won’t bat an eyelash when presented the option to dump millions of their hard-earned dollars into buying a dilapidated shack in the good ol’ Bay Area.

Different strokes for different folks.

Still, I believe with this whole early FI movement, because the popular asset classes have skyrocketed in value so much over the last decade or so, people are getting more creative and conjuring up new thoughts/ideas/strategies for helping us get to the promise land.

Anyway, another busy day of renovation work is on the books for myself, but once I can clear that out and get to the freekin’ weekend, I’m very much looking forward to completing and sending out the latest Thank You Newsletter #7 to subscribers.


Contrarian and Deep Value Investing is something that’s probably ALWAYS gonna be my bag, baby, so lots to share with you all.


From all the private comments that I’ve been getting from readers, I’m absolutely positive that there’s a niche (growing) market for this type of content.


Keep up the good fight everyone. Together we will figure out ways to get to early FI.


Fight On!

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Financial Freedom Countdown

I’m glad the Fed has eased up tightening so we still have time to play. I shudder to think how some of these assets will react when liquidity dries up.

1 year ago

Hey man,

how is your crypto portfolio looking right now? which coins do you hold?


1 year ago

Jay, nice post!! You should check a top tier crypto porject, holochain (hot), a blockchain-killer, there is a lot of hype around it becuase they are developping a new thing, different from blockchain, disruptive. Only 160 million dollars of marketcap, a lot of room to grow