Cryptocurrencies – Interesting… (April 2, 2019)

Now this latest pop in cryptos (especially Bitcoin;BTC) is most interesting, isn’t it?

From CoinMarketCap.


Shortly after I posted this


Now, I do ponder at what price level of BTC it will take before the retail masses feel comfortable enough to return back to cryptos (which have become a taboo word over the last year, after so many people got REKT)? Is it when BTC gets back to $6,000? $10,000? A new all-time high above $19,000?


Time will tell, I guess…


Note to self — I am NOT allowed to chase (i.e. FOMO) into cryptos!


I am content with my current positions in cryptos and can only add to my holdings if/when the market collapses back to the lows of February 2019 (or beyond).


With super high-risk (and beyond volatile) lottery tickets, this is straight up gambling, so you gotta be prepared to accept whatever happens, in either direction. Never put at risk more capital than you’re comfortable with flushing down a black hole and never seeing again!


Regardless, cryptos are gonna be a fun space to track over the next few years.


You just gotta love technology, right? Human ingenuity and creative new ideas, I’m always gonna appreciate and be long on.


Fight On!

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