Cryptocurrencies – Blood in the Streets (February 2, 2018)

Wow, things are getting really, really bad (ugly) in the crypto space…

What a blood bath across the board!

Buy low and sell high.

Personally, I think things are gonna get even worse, too…

Sorry guys, this intro post and newsletter are taking me longer than expected… Truth of the matter is that there is just way too much happening in cryptos right now, so I keep getting distracted… Really, it’s becoming information overload on a regular basis…

It’s amazing how fast content can become obsolete in the crypto space too… A lot of the things that I was writing about, I’m deleting/re-formatting… Sigh…

But I’m really looking forward to sharing my learnings on ICOs, and the stuff I’m dabbling in right now…

Cryptos are a most crazy (and beyond volatile) market…


Stay tuned, will be working all weekend to get the updates out.


Thanks for your patience!





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2 years ago

Lot worse today! Another 20% drop for most cryptos! Do you still think drinking the ICO and crypto Kool-Aid is worth it?
How is your mining portfolio weathering the storm?

2 years ago

gamblers gonna gamble…