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Owning the Best Assets (Keeping Things Real Simple)

There’s a lot of ways to make money and a million more ways to lose even more of it… If experience has taught me anything (and I believe it has), straight up, investing/speculating becomes infinitely easier when you remember to keep your eyes on the [continue reading…]


Speculation isn’t easy at all… In order to make big gains, you have to be positioned early into a story, be right on the underlying future direction of your bet, and you’ve got to have enough conviction to “buy right and sit tight.

It can be a rollercoaster ride much of the time, and since nobody has a crystal ball, there’s no way to know when the next wave up (or down) will occur…

If you’re lucky, your speculation thesis can [continue reading…]

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Simple Philosophy for Buying and Selling

Some people take a lot of pride in being contrarians… Others won’t invest a single $ unless the masses and mainstream media are all up on an investment [continue reading…]