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Monthly Expenses

December 2012 Monthly Expenses

December 2012

December is now in the books, and my first year of dividend investing (and intense savings) has come to a finish! Prior to 2012, the path to early financial independence was [continue reading…]


November 2012 Monthly Expenses

November was a decent month for savings. I didn’t do spectacular, but I didn’t do terrible either. I think [continue reading…]


October 2012 Monthly Expenses

October was a great month for savings. Not only did I receive my signing bonus for the year, but I also tightened up on spending, and deployed more capital to purchase even more stocks. At times, the market was pretty beat up in October, so I tried to use this to my advantage by picking up shares of [continue reading…]


September 2012 Monthly Expenses

Last month was not one of my better months for savings as I recorded a year low savings ratio of only 42%. I kept that data point in mind heading into September. Now that the month has closed and all my credit cards have been paid for, it’s time to see how [continue reading…]


August 2012 Monthly Expenses

August was my first month on the new job. As a result, I had more disposable income than in any previous month. You would think that because of this (and because I’m so frugal :)), my savings rate would reach an all time high! [continue reading…]