October 2012 Monthly Expenses

October was a great month for savings. Not only did I receive my signing bonus for the year, but I also tightened up on spending, and deployed more capital to purchase even more stocks. At times, the market was pretty beat up in October, so I tried to use this to my advantage by picking up shares of

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September 2012 Monthly Expenses

Last month was not one of my better months for savings as I recorded a year low savings ratio of only 42%. I kept that data point in mind heading into September. Now that the month has closed and all my credit cards have been paid for, it’s time to see how

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August 2012 Monthly Expenses

August was my first month on the new job. As a result, I had more disposable income than in any previous month. You would think that because of this (and because I’m so frugal :)), my savings rate would reach an all time high!

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July 2012 Monthly Expenses

July was a busy month as I was focused on closing escrow on my first rental property. As a result, there were some additional costs associated with closing. The appraisal and credit report totaled $461 and the HO6 insurance was $340. Title transfer fees, and other various closing fees came out close to $3000. Since buying an investment property is not something I foresee doing on a monthly

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June 2012 Monthly Expenses

I apologize for the lack of updates on the site as of late. I have been out of town the last few weeks on a business trip, and it has been difficult for me to find the time to post. Here is an update on my monthly expenses for the month of June.

For this month, the spending was somewhat irregular, since I was

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May 2012 Monthly Expenses

Another month without much news to report (a good thing). I kept my spending habits mostly in check this month, and did not splurge or indulge in many excesses. This is an improvement for me, as in previous months I had indulged in

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