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March 2019

The Right Attitude is Everything

We are a byproduct and manifestation of those we surround ourselves with. Life is way too short, so get rid of the toxicity, and align yourself with good people who will help you become the best version of yourself possible.

Not just in your own personal life, but in your [continue reading…]

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Cryptocurrencies – Showing (Some) Signs of Life

I’m a HUGE proponent of the strategy to, “buy low and sell high”. Although a lot of bashers/detractors/haters like to believe that one person needs to swear complete allegiance to a SINGLE asset class, I beg to differ, and it’s been my [continue reading…]


Thank You Edition #7 – In Progress Now

These days, real estate is on my mind pretty much all the time, as I work to close out a deal (hopefully in the coming weeks). If all goes well, I’ll have a lot more to share with you guys, and I must say I’m really stoked about it.

With that said, I am also well aware that the mining sector is more or less in shambles right now (especially when we are talking about sectors that have been annihilated like lithium and cobalt), so it makes for interesting times and a lot to talk about.

Recently, some readers have asked me if I’d be willing to share my [continue reading…]


When it comes to mining stocks, getting involved and dabbling in early stage exploration companies is extremely risky business. Unless you’re a skilled geo, got geo buddies who know their shit and can help you better gauge risk vs. reward (to see if it’s favorable at all), really, as a retail speculator you’re going to not only have to commit a tonne of time/bandwidth/energy towards conducting proper (concentrated) research, but also masterfully time your entry and exit points (good luck, you’ll need lots of it!).

As someone who previously had relatively good success in the past messing around in this [continue reading…]


Owning the Best Assets (Keeping Things Real Simple)

There’s a lot of ways to make money and a million more ways to lose even more of it… If experience has taught me anything (and I believe it has), straight up, investing/speculating becomes infinitely easier when you remember to keep your eyes on the [continue reading…]