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Conviction Ideas – Bonifacio Global City (BGC)

When it comes to investing, in my heart of hearts, I truly believe that I’m an equal opportunity employer. In others words, I dig both Deep Value Investing as well as Hyper-Growth Investing. Although I don’t always get it right (c’mon give me a break I’m a very flawed human being, after all), I have been fortunate enough in my lifetime to have made “life-changing gains” via both the aforementioned routes.

In short, Deep Value Investing and Hyper-Growth Investing both work!

The reality, though, is this — Markets are cyclical, (more…)

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First Post Back (November 9, 2018)

The first post back after a long hiatus is always a bit tough… Really, so much has happened since my last update and there’s really a lot of things I want to share/say…

In all honestly, things have been going extremely well, and I sort of wanted to hold back on posting until my latest real estate transaction was (more…)

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