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Early FI – Reflections One Full Year Later; Hong Kong (Part 2)

After being greeted with perhaps one of the most gorgeous views of the sunrise that I had ever seen in my life, I got up that morning in Hong Kong (my new home) as excited as one could possibly be. I couldn't wait to get downstairs and catch a view of the city in broad daylight! Yes, the following picture is the very first one I captured that morning of continue reading at Steemit...

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Real Estate Investing – Want to Retire Early? Better Focus On Quality!

I quit my job and retired from engineering at the ripe old age of 31. On the journey towards that end goal, I inevitably made many mistakes along the way. In hindsight, I could have achieved early financial independence even earlier in life and I certainly could have set my future up even better had I focused on making sure I ALWAYS did the continue reading at Steemit...

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Almaden Minerals – Shares Look Oversold

Almaden Minerals (AAU) has always been sort of an enigma to me. On one hand, the company certainly doesn't fly under the radar in the mining world, as the father-son tag team of Duane and Morgan Poliquin is well known and respected in the industry. On the other hand, because Almaden's flagship Ixtaca project (located in Puebla State, Mexico) was continue reading at Seeking Alpha...

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GoldQuest Mining – An Attractive Buying Opportunity Has Arrived

I recently returned back from a vacation out to the Dominican Republic (a very beautiful place I might add), so I guess it's safe to say that the DR has been on my mind a lot lately. Having said that, my trip out to the Caribbean Islands coincided quite nicely with the market's recent "boredom" with one of the more prospective and exciting junior gold companies continue reading at Seeking Alpha...

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