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February 2016

Buying Real Devastation – Forget the “Dividends”

Well, just yesterday ConocoPhillips (COP) announced a substantial dividend cut which has now become the talk of the blogosphere. I can’t honestly say that I was the least bit surprised by the move… Matter of fact, I thought the writing was on the wall months ago, and in full disclosure I will confess that I had recently opened up a short position on COP prior to yesterday’s announcement…

But let’s set the record straight here — For the most part, I am a long-term investor/speculator. I am absolutely dreadful when it comes to market timing [continue reading…]


My Investing Days Are About Over… For Now

When it comes to investing, I’ve dedicated the last 4 years going full assault, as has been documented on this blog… As I’ve mentioned previously, right now, the ONLY sector that I am remotely interested in is gold/silver mining stocks…

I’m a firm believer in looking for deep value and buying low… With gold’s relentless early surge so far this year, I can’t say that it’s gotten any easier looking for bargains.

They are still out there, but it’s starting to get just a [continue reading…]