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January 2016

Bear Markets Create Millionaires

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At this stage of the game, I still believe that it is way too early to declare that we are officially in a “bear market” (even though a sh!t ton of data would support that). Nevertheless, the continued market selloff into this week has spooked a lot of investors… And rightfully so.

I’ve always believed that what goes up must come crashing [continue reading…]

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The bear is out in full force this week! Mining stocks are getting smashed into oblivion, and I’ve got buddies who are now refusing to look at their portfolios!

Yes, I want to conserve some more cash, but I’ve got just enough [continue reading…]


No, I didn’t make any new transactions today, but I think now is a good time to post an update on my mining portfolio for readers.

The reality of the mining sector is this — These stocks are extremely volatile!

I know that I have stated the above [continue reading…]


Sentiment Changes Quickly (January 11, 2016)

And just like that, the stock market is off to its worst start… EVER… When 2015 ended, things didn’t appear “great”, but sentiment was more or less still pretty bullish (as far as I could tell).

As I observe all the carnage that has already taken place in just the last 6 trading sessions, I’m reminded how quickly the tide can [continue reading…]


Welcome to another episode of the Financial Freedom Fighter Podcast! This episode features special guest Brie Schmidt, founder of Turnkey-Reviews.

In this episode, we discuss: real estate investing, financial freedom, avoiding [continue reading…]