Real Wealth Income Report – September 2018

by FI Fighter on October 1, 2018

in Real Wealth Income Report

Join me on my new quest for redemption! After blowing myself up to the tune of losing over -$200,000 investing in junk turnkey turkey properties out-of-state (South Chicago), I’m going to do my best to: start over, work extra hard, and rebuild for a better tomorrow.

While I apply myself (and my labor) to try and earn $200,000 all over again, I’m going to make things more fun and interesting by adding a twist to things — Since my intent from the very beginning with those failed rental properties was to try and generate monthly cash flow, I will use any earned income I make online to invest in more traditional Buy and Hold Forever assets (particularly dividend paying stocks/ETFs/index funds) that do exactly just that — Pay me regular passive income distributions.


As readers may be well aware, most recently I published my first eBook back in August:

Mining Stocks – Investing In A Bear Market


Here is the Real Wealth Income Report for September 2018.

I received 17 donations in total, supporting my work. Thank you all so much! We are now at 37 donations in total, since the release of the first eBook.

For a September 2018 grand total of:

There were no new eBook publications in September. As readers may be aware, I’m currently in Manila, and “house hunting”. So, although I would like to get back to working on the next Clean Tech eBook full-time, I’m going to have to do my best to make incremental progress while also scheduling time to go see showings, meet realtors/agents, etc.


In any case, I’m looking forward to working on and completing the Clean Tech eBook later this month, in October.


Thanks for all your continued support and patience as I attempt to transition into the next phase of my early FI life.


Once again — To make this whole process even more fun for everyone, at least to start out with anyway, I’ll leave it up to readers to decide which stock/ETF/index fund I allocate this earned online income to. Please feel free to offer suggestions below in the comments section! I’ll setup a poll sometime this week… Once the votes are tallied up, I will make an announcement of the winning stock, which I will then proceed to buy on the open market shortly after.


Real Wealth Income Report Archive:

September 2018; $397.00

August 2018; $418.90


Fight On!

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