When it comes to early FI (and well, I guess life in general), it’s human nature and tendency to look at things from a linear perspective… I think that’s probably why when somebody actually gets to early FI and then reflects back they’re kind of left scratching their head and wondering:

Oh shit, what the hell just happened?

I can vouch for that because that’s kind of how it went for me… I was just some regular [click to continue…]


Join us for Round 3 of Casual Conversations, as I talk shop with Fabi (The Next Big Rush) and Nick (MiningBookGuy) about  [click to continue…]


When it comes to mining stocks, there probably isn’t a more, stereotyped, hated, and misunderstood asset class out there… For whatever reason, people just love to rip on these poor stocks… And even when they are down and out for the count, folks will still feel the need to [click to continue…]



Total massacre in the precious metals mining stocks… I know what you’re probably thinking, “FI Fighter, you’ve been spewing that same nonsense this entire week and most of last week as well… You sound like a broken record right now, a modern day Chicken Little who I’m getting close to tuning out completely…

Be that as it may, but what would you expect [click to continue…]



Let’s not mince words about it — Mining stocks across the board are currently residing in the trash can right now… For a sector that was so HOT in recent months, it must come as somewhat a surprise to many of the bulls to be finding out that shares of some of their favorite [click to continue…]



Well, at this point in time, I think it’s pretty safe to say that uranium (and uranium stocks) are deeply entrenched in a most brutal bear market. As I mentioned in a previous article, this downturn in uranium quite possibly could be the worst storm that I have ever [click to continue…]



The first rule of Fight Club is… Oh wait, sorry, I meant — The first rule of [click to continue…]


Uranium – The Worst Bear Market Ever?

by FI Fighter on September 19, 2016

in Uranium


Last year, I thought that the bear market in precious metals was just about as bad as any that I have ever seen in my life. As I have often emphasized in the past, being able to buy up assets for pennies on the dollar should make any investor feel like a kid in the candy store. For certain, in September 2015, I was having the time of my life scooping up [click to continue…]


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.43.21 AM

It looks like the pain continues for Energy Fuels (UUUU), which is down another 5% this morning, currently trading at $1.90/share.

Most recently, I purchased another batch of 1,500 shares at $2.05/share. How much more downside remains?

Who knows…

But I did hear [click to continue…]


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.43.21 AM

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m easily finding lots of good bargains out in the marketplace right now. One stock in particular that I’ve been monitoring is Energy Fuels (UUUU). This uranium producer has been beaten up to a bloody pulp these past few weeks…

I can still recall when I first began researching this company back in late August. At the time, the market cap was about $200 million, and many analysts were claiming that  [click to continue…]


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