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Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i – 1st Class (FRA-IAD)

LH 747-8i (12 of 16)

The 747-8i (Intercontinental) is a variant of the widely popular “Queen of the Skies” 747-400, and is the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States. In addition, it is the longest passenger aircraft in the world, and Lufthansa was the first airline to operate the 747-8i on June, 2012.

But more importantly, Lufthansa is consistently regarded as the premiere standard in 1st Class service and luxury. And because of these industry wide accolades, Lufthansa 1st Class comes attached with a hefty price tag. For example, the retail price on this one way flight cost just south of $10,000, which is the same cost as a brand new Nissan Versa!

Needless to say, my curiosity was killing me, and I needed to know if a 1st Class ticket could be worth the price of a small automobile!???!

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Lufthansa First Class Terminal (Frankfurt)

LH 747-8i (17 of 17)

There are many luxurious lounges in the world, but only Lufthansa offers an entire terminal for it’s 1st Class passengers!

The First Class Terminal is an entirely separate building devoted to only the most elite Lufthansa passengers. And attaining access requires strict qualifications, because even passengers arriving on Lufthansa 1st Class aren’t allowed entrance.

So how do you qualify for entrance? Well, for most travel hackers, the simplest way is to have a 1st Class ticket on a Lufthansa flight departing the same day.

Now start saving up those miles, and be prepared to enter a whole new dimension in luxury! [continue reading…]


Thai Airbus A380 – 1st Class (BKK-FRA)

thaia380-cheers (1 of 1)

Finally, after months of anticipation, we were only moments away from flying on the Airbus A380 – the largest passenger plane in the world!

In the past, I’ve flown on the Airbus A380 once, but in Singapore Business Class. Although not in 1st Class, it was still an awesome experience sitting on the upper deck on this massive jumbo plane. And since then, I’ve been dreaming of flying this big bird again, but in 1st Class.

So naturally, as we were riding on the golf cart to the gate, I was giggling away like a little girl, because I knew soon enough, we would be royally spoiled on this flight to Frankfurt! [continue reading…]


Thai Royal First Lounge + Royal Orchid Spa (Bangkok)

After spending three weeks in Thailand, it was finally time to leave for Rome. FIF would be coming from Japan, and I would be coming from Koh Samui, so we decided to simply meet at the Thai Royal First Lounge. In the travel hacking world, Thai Airways is known to have one of the most amazing 1st Class ground service, and Spa service. So naturally, I was super anxious to finally have the opportunity to experience it! [continue reading…]


ANA Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Business Class (SJC-NRT)


Prior to this trip, I had never flown internationally from SJC before, so I was really excited to fly out from San Jose, and to experience the Boeing 787 for the first time! ANA was the first airline to introduce the 787 in 2011, and they currently have the largest fleet of 787’s in the world. [continue reading…]