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Happy New Year everyone!

Goodbye 2018, I won’t really miss you much!

Hello 2019, I can’t wait to get to know you better…

For New Year’s Eve, I celebrated [click to continue…]


Merry Christmas 2018!

by FI Fighter on December 25, 2018

in Random Updates

Merry Christmas everyone! I know that I promised I would try and get the latest newsletter out before Christmas, alas, I got close to finishing it off but then got caught up with the holiday season… and spirit.

It’s been an extremely tough (brutal) year in the markets, and there’s a ton of things to say, but you know, sometimes you just have to find a way to put that aside and re-focus on the important stuff in life…

This Christmas, same as last year, I spent it in Manila…

For this year, I ended up at Rico’s Lechon, located in the Tiendesitas shopping complex (Pasig).

1/2 kilo of spicy lechon… Comfort food, at its finest!

Certainly, I’m doing my best to have a good time out here, but no question I miss everyone back home in the Bay Area. Shout out to you all, and to all the readers scattered across the globe.

Christmas season is a great time to reflect, no doubt…

Lots of things didn’t go right this year for yours truly, but there were many silver linings as well, some of which I am most grateful for.

As you all know, around mid-year, I was fortunate enough to be able to eradicate myself out of a most horrid situation in Shitcago, selling some rental properties at a MASSIVE LOSS, but nevertheless, the peace of mind gained from being able to move on with my life unencumbered by that nightmarish mess is… priceless.

And since I’ve been back in Manila, you can say that I’m a changed person, again, hopefully for the better…


Just trying harder to appreciate all the good things in my life…

Finding inner peace…

Letting go of the past… All the mistakes/fuck ups/disasters/heartbreak/etc.


Life goes on, whether you’re ready for it or not…


But this time of year, there’s really nothing like Christmas…



So, I do apologize for being late (again) on the newsletter, but I really did my best and got up to 4,000 words or so of writing before I ultimately decided I had to call it a day…


And enjoy the Christmas holiday.


Now, it’s back to work…


Fight On!


2018 has been one of the tougher and more tumultuous years that I’ve had to deal with in my life, up to now. For the most part, things got off to a roaring start in the beginning of the year when pretty much all assets across the board were skyrocketing to new highs: clean energy stocks, general equities, real estate, and especially [click to continue…]


Work Ethic

by FI Fighter on November 28, 2018

in Motivation, Random Updates

One observation that I’ve made while traveling all over the globe is that no matter where you venture, you’re going to be able to locate very good people and make friends… if you choose to do so. Furthermore, I’m somewhat blown away by the work ethic and drive that so many people out there possess, folks who are [click to continue…]


Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

by FI Fighter on November 21, 2018

in Random Updates

Happy thanksgiving everyone! In a year that’s been really tough for investors across the board, especially pertaining to: mining stocks, cryptos, and even now with general equities also wobbling a bit, this is that [click to continue…]


It’s been an absolutely horrendous year to be invested in lithium stocks… For myself, although I did sell out of many positions in early January of this year and booked some nice profits, unfortunately, I did get a little too greedy and didn’t sell nearly enough…

Now, I’m paying [click to continue…]


Sorry everyone, honestly I did my best to try and finish up the Mining Stocks Report this weekend, but there is still work to be done! I’m at over 10,000 words now, and well, what can I say other than continuing to work on this thing into the early hours of the morning feels like writing a term paper that I didn’t get started on until the night before it was due…

In other words, I think I need a break…

I could probably stay up until 4 AM to finish this off, but I’m very certain the quality of the content would fall off a cliff exponentially the longer I keep at this…

Buy hey, it’s mining after all that we are talking about here, so aren’t you all used to delays by now?!?

All joking aside, I’m aiming to finish this project sometime later on Monday… Hopefully no later than Tuesday at the latest.


Thanks for all the support!





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