Precious Metals Updates

Topics of discussion for the week ending in September 1, 2017:

Alpha vs. Beta Mining stocks. Pure Gold Mining, Marathon Gold, GoldQuest Mining, Teranga Gold, Osprey Gold, Orefinders Resources, Fjordland Exploration, Garibaldi Resources.

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Lots more activity again this week!

Here’s what we got for the [click to continue…]


Gold just pierced through $1,300/oz! Many of us have been waiting all summer for a decisive break to the upside…

Will it be [click to continue…]


Lots of activity this week!

Here’s what we got for the [click to continue…]


Topics of discussion for the week ending in August 22, 2017:

AVZ Minerals, Novo Resources, GFG Resources, Pilbara Minerals, Lithium, Gold.

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When I first got into precious metals in the summer of 2015, I took a lot of flak from a lot of people. For the longest time, I was this person who was pounding the table, spewing the virtues of investing for cash flow/passive income, and then all of a sudden, I took this massive detour and decided to do something altogether unrelated…

After locking down my last rental property in early 2015, soon after, I decided enough was enough…

Real estate, stocks, bonds, all that good stuff was no longer cheap, but in my eyes encroaching on and selling at nosebleed territories.

So, even though I had completed two separate cash out refis to pull out ~$200,000 in fresh funds, I was perplexed as to what to do with all that capital.

Nothing looked cheap…

I guess I’ll just hold cash?

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Similar to last week, not much going on with the portfolio this week… I made a minor swap [click to continue…]


Gold. The fight for $1,300/oz has been raging on for months now. After so much consolidation (talk about frustrating gold investors beyond belief this year), we have FINALLY eclipsed touched $1,300/oz… for the first time this year!

The mining stocks have not followed the precious metals, and if anything are still [click to continue…]


Mining Stocks Recap
Topics of discussion for the week ending in August 4, 2017:

AVZ Minerals, NexGen Energy, First Majestic Silver, Endeavour Silver, Silvercorp Metals, Asanko Gold, Birimian Limited, Gold, Silver, Lithium, Uranium, Clean Energy.

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I made a number of moves again this week in my portfolio, which I will discuss with you all below.

Here’s what went down for this week [click to continue…]

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