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On this blog, I’m always emphasizing the importance of, “buying low and selling high.” After awhile, I’m sure it gets pretty redundant for you all to keep hearing over and over again. Nevertheless, when it comes to the BIG PICTURE with investing/speculating, that’s what it really comes down to…

Nope, nobody can perfectly [click to continue…]


Gold – Just One of Those Days

by FI Fighter on June 26, 2017

in Precious Metals Updates

Just when you start to think that the precious metals are building up some positive momentum, they go and do [click to continue…]

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Anyone who follows this blog for precious metals and mining stocks posts knows that I’m one of the more boring guys out there… In other words, I don’t typically chase after early-stage exploration plays that offer the most torque and upside potential (but are also beyond volatile!).

You know, most of the companies that I hold in [click to continue…]


Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of messages regarding Critical Elements (CRE.V/CRECF). No doubt, these inquiries are coinciding with the stock recently setting [click to continue…]


In the last update, I posted the high volume trading session we all saw from the GDXJ rebalancing act from last Friday. Despite the obvious, the transactions weren’t yet settled and we [click to continue…]


There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it… Cryptocurrencies have been the shining star of 2017 and the returns investors/speculators have made are off the charts…

One for the record books…

The pullbacks are surprisingly [click to continue…]


Well, the day that we’ve all been waiting for has finally come and gone… Maybe?

Everyone anticipated a HUGE selldown in many of the stocks held in the GDXJ ETF… and the market did not disappoint. Or did it?

Here’s what transpired today [click to continue…]


Hey everyone! It’s been awhile, and I apologize for the lack of updates lately… I’ve been caught up with the NBA playoffs (Go Warriors!) and did a bit of water fasting as well…

Tomorrow, I leave for Puerto Rico and will be spending a [click to continue…]


The GDXJ massacre has been a few months in the making and the pain continues… Actually, the bleeding probably won’t stop until sometime after June 17 when the index rebalancing is (finally) implemented.

I like to buy despair, so it’s probably not surprising to readers at [click to continue…]


When it comes to investing, everyone knows that they should invest without emotion… but over time, I think we all quickly learn that to actually do that in real-life is a near impossible task. I have no problem admitting that my emotions have gotten the better of me on many occasions, and I have no doubts that they will cause me to make even more bad decisions in the future… We are all [click to continue…]


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