Precious Metals

When it comes to early FI, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that there are indeed shortcuts there… Over the years, I’ve learned that my own preference is to focus more so on capital gains/appreciation as opposed to taking the cash flow/passive income route, which is inherently [click to continue…]


Join us for Round 3 of Casual Conversations, as I talk shop with Fabi (The Next Big Rush) and Nick (MiningBookGuy) about  [click to continue…]


I made a few more transactions yesterday… As my luck would have it, my purchases were made prior to the MASSIVE SMACKDOWN that many mining stocks experienced towards the latter half of the day…

Such is life.

Nevertheless, I got to position my portfolio into some [click to continue…]


Rise of the silver surfer! I was afraid that might happen sooner or later, so as I was sharing with readers last time around, I’ve been making it my focus to try and pick up some more cheap silver stocks while the spot price of silver [click to continue…]


I leave for the Philippines (Cebu) later this afternoon! But before I head out to the land of sunshine, beaches, and smiles, I thought I would give readers a quick update with my latest wheelings and dealings in mining stocks…

Yes, I have been making a lot of [click to continue…]


It might be a little on the late side to be issuing “My Top Picks for 2017”, but better late than never, right? So, here we go…

Before we got the party started on [click to continue…]


For 2017, I am most bullish on the following commodities — Cobalt and silver. Having said that, by no means does my stance diminish my outlook for some of the other metals out there, particularly gold. In the end, it’s all about trying to make $$$ and getting into some of the better [click to continue…]


Readers may be thinking that I’ve been making far too many moves (transactions) of late in trading precious metals mining stocks… and that’s probably true. Nevertheless, I continued [click to continue…]


Let the selling continue! Similar to my reasons for cashing out of B2Gold (BTG) stock entirely, I also decided that now was a prudent time to book gains on another gold producer that I’ve held for [click to continue…]


Well, the time has finally come for me to say, “fare thee well” to another one of my best investments ever… I closed out all [click to continue…]


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