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Gold and silver looking good, still, so far… Remember, in a “legit bull market” for [click to continue…]


If this gold/silver rally has legs and we can avoid getting smashed to shit again, I know just exactly what type of mining stocks I’m going to be eyeing and buying…

Right now, it’s too premature to say if it’s really “Game On”, but I still vividly remember [click to continue…]


Gold’s fierce year-end rally may have surprised a lot of people… I mean, even peeps like me who are getting kind of used to witnessing these sharp reversals around December timeframe, well, even then, I can’t ever say [click to continue…]

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Crazy Markets (December 8, 2018)…

by FI Fighter on December 7, 2018

in Precious Metals Updates

Looks like we have been and will be continuing to experience some year-end turbulence in the markets this year…

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Gold is one of those quirky conundrum type of “investments”… I use the term “investment” quite lightly because even though the shiny yellow metal has been around for centuries, it’s still something that is totally misunderstood and umm hated by most of society… For gold bulls, “investing” in pet rocks has been more or less a lost cause (losing proposition) since 2011/2012, especially if we are taking about the total returns put forth by the mining stocks associated with Atomic Number 79.

We are talking about some pathetically atrocious value creation for shareholders…

Anyway, one main reason investing/speculating in [click to continue…]

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Well, I guess you could say the writing was on the wall with [click to continue…]


We’re back from the long holiday weekend and it’s time to beat up on gold and silver again, says the market.

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Well, that escalated rather quickly! Gold is back over $1,200/oz this morning, trading at $1,206/oz at the time of writing. Silver is up over 2%, with the spot price now at $14.83/oz. In the big picture, this move is absolutely NOTHING to get excited about (feels like an overdue relief rally to me), but after so much devastation and pain in the precious metals complex of late, I’m sure a lot of folks will happily take it.

Meanwhile, I’m still hard at work putting together my latest Mining Stocks Report update. Granted, this “renewed optimism” (even if good only for the day) isn’t helping my cause in writing about “immense despair”!


Oh well, it is what it is…

Maybe this is the start of the next turn? I sure hope so, but when it comes to gold/silver, I’m not holding my breath… I’m used to being massively disappointed, so I’m gonna continue to proceed with caution.


Anyway, I should have the report (primarily focused on gold/silver mining stocks) finished sometime this weekend.


Here’s a brief overview of what’s contained:

  • Quick market recap/macro summary.
  • A look into investor psychology.
  • Bear market strategies, thoughts.
    • What to avoid.
    • What to look for.
  • Current favorite ideas (beta plays and an alpha idea).
  • My most recent trades/investments.
  • Etc.


Go gold!

Go silver!




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Real_Wealth - 1

I really do hate gold and silver… This pathetic asset class perpetually disappoints, over and over again. So yes, I totally get why long-term investors and anyone who follows more the Buy and Hold Forever model would find it appropriate to [click to continue…]

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