Well, with my Hong Kong trip just around the corner (essentially), it’s probably just about time for me to start cleaning up the mess that I’ve made over the last few years… Although I don’t have too much junk (I think), I have a very serious problem of feeling nostalgic everytime I contemplate the decision to throw something away…

The other day, I was going through my old textbooks, and I really couldn’t believe how many I’ve accumulated in the last 7-8 years. Once upon a time, I had a “dream” about transitioning into the engineering role of Integrated Circuits (IC) Designer… So, I bought up a bunch of books and studied this stuff like all the time – after work, on weekends, whenever I had free time.

But since discovering the path to early FI, man, so much has changed… and I really believe for [click to continue…]


Flight to Hong Kong Booked!

by FI Fighter on March 20, 2016

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Let the countdown begin! I just finished filing my taxes for 2015, and booked my flight out to Asia… Oh boy, things are starting to feel a bit surreal now…

Really, I don’t have a lot of time remaining to get things [click to continue…]



Well, I wasn’t going to address this topic until later, but since it’s the question that most people have asked me since my announcement to quit engineering, I figured that I might as well. Although I haven’t picked out an exact date just yet, it should shock almost no one that the next chapter in the journey involves geographic arbitrage.

What is that, exactly?

Geographic arbitrage might have been uncommon pre-internet days, but with the [click to continue…]



Well, today is the first Monday since I told my previous employer, “No mas“… The last post was just my announcement to the blogging community that my days as a corporate wage slave are finally DONE! However, I didn’t get into too many specific details, which I will try to address starting with this entry.

No, I don’t have everything figured out, but hey, how many of us in life are ever fortunate enough to say that they do?

Pulling the plug wasn’t too difficult, but it wasn’t entirely easy either. I know many [click to continue…]


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