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Alpha Mining Stocks (What Goes Up…)

by FI Fighter on November 22, 2017

in Mining Stocks

With mining stocks, many investors/speculators are fixated on alpha plays because they are so damn exciting… With these stocks, it’s normal to witness double digit (or more) fluctuations in share price in a single trading session due to a new press release…

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So, last night Tesla (TSLA) was on the stage again to make few [click to continue…]



Here comes the pain again! Man, it really must be that time of year again, because like clockwork (or so it has seemed the last two years) my portfolio is taking an absolute thrashing again…

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Tax Loss Season (Why I’m NOT Scared)

by FI Fighter on November 11, 2017

in Mining Stocks

Well, tax-loss selling is basically upon us, and right now a great fear for many mining stocks investors (particularly those dabbling in the North American markets) is that there will be a steep decline and sell-off event! As if this year wasn’t already painful enough for many of these stocks, we’ve now got to brace ourselves for yet another potential headwind!

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As readers of this blog may be well aware, one of the hottest stocks out there right now is Novo Resources (NVO.V/NSRPF). The company, led by Chairman Quinton Hennigh, is out exploring for gold (and lots of it) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

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Topics of discussion for the week ending in October 27, 2017:

Garibaldi Resources, NexGen Energy, AVZ Minerals, Erdene Resources, Almaden Minerals, Balmoral Resources, GoldQuest Mining, Alpha and Beta Plays.

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What a weird year in mining stocks it’s turning out to be… In 2017, it’s all about early stage exploration baby! And if you’ve got some lithium and cobalt sprinkled in, hey, that’s working out very nicely for you too! Deep value gold plays on the other hand? Not so well, unfortunately…

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Topics of discussion for the week ending in October 13, 2017:

Almaden Minerals, Ardea Resources, AVZ Minerals, Alexco Resource, Alexandria Minerals, Balmoral Resource, Bear Creek Mining, Birimian Limited, Black Rock Mining, Cordoba Minerals, Critical Elements, Dolly Varden Silver, eCobalt Solutions, Erdene Resources, GFG Resources, Garibaldi Resources, GoldQuest Mining, Hummingbird Resources.

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My biggest wins and losses to date in mining stocks.


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