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Cobalt Blues (What a TrainREKT)…

A most humbling year, 2018 was for many sectors… Outside of cryptocurrencies, perhaps no other sector got trainREKT as bad as cobalt…

2018 started off auspiciously enough with the “key ingredient” found in [continue reading…]


Video Content Update (January 5, 2019)


Video content updates for the [continue reading…]


One Month Chart (January 4, 2019)…

Gold and silver looking good, still, so far… Remember, in a “legit bull market” for [continue reading…]


Gold and Silver – What to Buy? (January 3, 2019)

If this gold/silver rally has legs and we can avoid getting smashed to shit again, I know just exactly what type of mining stocks I’m going to be eyeing and buying…

Right now, it’s too premature to say if it’s really “Game On”, but I still vividly remember [continue reading…]


Gold – Surprise, Surprise (January 2, 2019)

Gold’s fierce year-end rally may have surprised a lot of people… I mean, even peeps like me who are getting kind of used to witnessing these sharp reversals around December timeframe, well, even then, I can’t ever say [continue reading…]

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