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Mining Stocks

Video Content Update (January 5, 2019)


Video content updates for the [continue reading…]


One Month Chart (January 4, 2019)…

Gold and silver looking good, still, so far… Remember, in a “legit bull market” for [continue reading…]


Gold and Silver – What to Buy? (January 3, 2019)

If this gold/silver rally has legs and we can avoid getting smashed to shit again, I know just exactly what type of mining stocks I’m going to be eyeing and buying…

Right now, it’s too premature to say if it’s really “Game On”, but I still vividly remember [continue reading…]


Gold – Surprise, Surprise (January 2, 2019)

Gold’s fierce year-end rally may have surprised a lot of people… I mean, even peeps like me who are getting kind of used to witnessing these sharp reversals around December timeframe, well, even then, I can’t ever say [continue reading…]

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Crazy Markets (December 8, 2018)…

Looks like we have been and will be continuing to experience some year-end turbulence in the markets this year…

Check this [continue reading…]

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