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Well, it eventually happened… As far back as I can remember, I’ve been dreaming about becoming a net worth millionaire since the tender age of 15, when I was bagging groceries at the Moffett Field Commissary in Mountain View for nothing more than customer tips. Some days I would walk out the door with $50 in cash… Other less fortunate days, I might grind it out for 8+ hours and have less than $20 to show for my efforts. Such can be the life of a poor high school student who is just embarking out into the real world for the first time and fighting for any morsel he can get.

Nevertheless, even as a young buck, I was [click to continue…]


Finding Inner Peace…

by FI Fighter on April 29, 2015

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You could say that I have a restless mind. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a person about accomplishing goals and tackling on the next challenges in life. If you rewind the tape, this is something that I’ve been doing since probably the beginning [click to continue…]


Embrace Aging: Things Get Better Over Time

by FI Fighter on April 17, 2015

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When I was younger, I used to tell myself that I never wanted to get old. I thought that by advancing in age, a person was declining in all aspects of life, mostly physical. For instance, as you get older, you: don’t heal as quickly from injuries, are not as mobile or flexible, and can’t run as fast or jump as high as you once did…

Again, I mostly focused on the [click to continue…]



In the latest of the “Preparing For the Future” series, I would like to mix things up and talk about another burning desire of mine — travel. In the previous two articles, I addressed my plans for future career development (being a real estate agent and growing an online business) as ways to earn extra [click to continue…]



In the my last post, I talked about the very probable likelihood that I will be walking away from my engineering job sometime in the near future. As a person who has spent a great deal of time trying to plan for early FI and the future, you could say that I’ve put a lot of thought into thinking [click to continue…]



As I wind down my engineering career, I can’t help but feel apprehension for the uncertain future that lies ahead. On one hand, I feel like a life without taking risks isn’t one worth living because if we don’t ever test ourselves, how can we really know what we are capable of? But on the other hand, I’m only human and have my own [click to continue…]


Year 4: The Fork In the Road (2015)

by FI Fighter on April 6, 2015

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When the year 2015 first began, I was in Miami, experiencing the first panic attack of my life. Unable to calm my nerves down, I desperately tried everything I could think of… Nothing worked, until I finally decided to take a cold shower to shock my system and give it a chance to reboot. Luckily, that worked, and I was able to make it back [click to continue…]



The new year is just underway and I’m sure most of you are just getting re-situated at work. You know, the ol’ day job (aka rat race)… A game that I’m all too familiar with, since 2015 would mark Year 8 of my engineering career.

Before company shutdown, I [click to continue…]


Thanksgiving Week (A Time for Reflection…)

by FI Fighter on November 26, 2014

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The week of Thanksgiving has got to be my favorite time of year. Although I don’t partake much in Black Friday shopping, it’s all the other things about Thanksgiving week that I love: getting away from work, spending time with family, eating well, relaxing, watching football, and finding time to reflect back on everything that’s happened this year.

It was 3 years ago when my journey to early FI first began! During Thanksgiving week of 2011, I stumbled upon the Early Retirement Extreme website for the first time, and things have never been the same since. I gobbled up [click to continue…]


FI Fighter Turns 30!

by FI Fighter on September 10, 2014

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Time waits for no one, as I’ve learned throughout the years. Well, no more dodging it, the inevitable was bound to happen sooner or later… I’m now 30 years old. Yup, that’s right, my 20’s are now behind [click to continue…]


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