Workplace Politics (What a Waste of Time!)

by FI Fighter on December 5, 2012

in Career

“You complain too much!” You might have heard this phrase used against you, or someone else you know, at some point in your life. After all, nobody likes a whiner! But, actually, complaining in itself [click to continue…]


Post-Financial Independence Career Options

by FI Fighter on November 20, 2012

in Career

When most people think of retiring, they envision putting the finishing touch on their illustrious career before riding off into the sunset. For most, retirement signals [click to continue…]


Ten Tips to Help Jumpstart Your Career

by FI Fighter on November 15, 2012

in Career

My career officially began when I was hired as an intern for a semiconductor company in late 2007. Prior to that, I was working at a HVAC company for an [click to continue…]


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