Ways to Save Money

Early FI is different for everyone… There’s no denying that… What works for one individual won’t necessarily appeal to the next person… I think that’s all fine and dandy, and just the way life works… Having said that, I think the most important thing any of us can do on a regular basis is to keep an [click to continue…]


Computer Last week, my computer decided to throw in the towel and stop working altogether. It would periodically freeze (no blue screen, though), and force me to [click to continue…]


Biking to Work

by FI Fighter on May 13, 2013

in Ways to Save Money


Today was Day 1 of biking to work. I had previously mentioned that I wanted to do something to supercharge my savings, and the most logical thing for me to do was to start using my road bike more. The weather out here in [click to continue…]


Lifestyle Deflation

by FI Fighter on December 15, 2012

in Ways to Save Money


It’s only natural for a person to want to upgrade their lifestyle upon receiving their first paycheck from their first “real” job. This usually happens for a person [click to continue…]


My Frugal Thanksgiving

by FI Fighter on November 21, 2012

in Ways to Save Money

Work Cafeteria

Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion. It marks the start of the holiday season when friends and family gather around the table to enjoy more than [click to continue…]


Re-embracing the College Lifestyle

by FI Fighter on May 6, 2012

in Ways to Save Money

The picture above might be a bit extreme, but I think a lot of useful nuggets can be ascertained by re-examining the college experience. No, not THAT college experience! But the other aspect of college life that was perfected [click to continue…]


Work Benefits

by FI Fighter on February 4, 2012

in Ways to Save Money

So, the path to reaching early financial independence must typically go through an employer of some sort. Well, at least for those of us who didn’t start our own company, receive a substantial inheritance, etc. Most good companies offer certain perks, in additional to a typical salary. Depending on the industry you are in, and how fierce the competition, these perks can be a rather substantial addition to your base compensation package. When negotiating a salary, it helps [click to continue…]


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