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We Are In a Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble…

by FI Fighter on September 28, 2016

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The key takeaway I got from the first presidential debate is [click to continue…]



As I peruse through many of the early FI blogs across the blogosphere, I am somewhat struck to see the number of sell orders that have started to pop up. In years past, most everyone was aggressively hitting the “BUY MOAR!” button, enjoying this wonderful bull market that first took flight in 2009.

Well, as fun as the ride has been, in life, as we all [click to continue…]



The first rule of Fight Club is… Oh wait, sorry, I meant — The first rule of [click to continue…]



In an era of Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) and Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP), it’s no wonder that everyone and their grandma is starved for yield these days… Unlike years (decades) past, saving money and putting it in the bank is just extremely unrewarding… The returns are so anemic, that unless you were depositing millions of dollars in principal to your savings account, there’s just no [click to continue…]


Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.19.53 PM

Well, I’m sure the last post I wrote is bound to ruffle a few feathers… Obviously, what I said will never be popular or generally accepted by the mainstream of investors, but hey, that’s not my problem… You might have sensed it from my tone, but I really did my best to just tell it like it is… I didn’t want to pull any punches and I felt like it was necessary for me to [click to continue…]


December 2012 Dividends

When I first started this blog in February 2012, I was on a mission to get to early financial independence by the age of 37.5. Little did I know it at the time, but I would soon be participating in one of the greatest bull market runs in recent memory…

From around 2009 until present day, any investor could have bought [click to continue…]



As an investor, I think that following emerging trends is absolutely essential for long-term success. In the past, I’ve always tried to do my best to stay ahead of the curve, but this time around, I missed something most obvious to everybody out there — The electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

Back in 2013, I bought up shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) aggressively, and made a pretty [click to continue…]



2016 has gotten off to a rocky start, to say the least. The stock markets around the globe are routinely swinging in the triple digits (both directions) on any given day… Overall market volatility is off the charts, which is why I am extremely hesitant to get back into the investing game right now.

As it pertains to long-term investing, the most popular approach will always be “buy and hold forever“; I prefer that method very much myself.

However, I am a patient guy and [click to continue…]


Well, just yesterday ConocoPhillips (COP) announced a substantial dividend cut which has now become the talk of the blogosphere. I can’t honestly say that I was the least bit surprised by the move… Matter of fact, I thought the writing was on the wall months ago, and in full disclosure I will confess that I had recently opened up a short position on COP prior to yesterday’s announcement…

But let’s set the record straight here — For the most part, I am a long-term investor/speculator. I am absolutely dreadful when it comes to market timing [click to continue…]


screen shot 2015-09-29 at 8.50.17 am

Looking back, the last post I put out was obviously emotionally charged. In hindsight, I probably should have just held back from releasing it altogether since I didn’t allocate much more than 5-10 minutes to write it up… Many of my thoughts were disjointed and not many details were shared…

It was rushed…

But I am human, I make [click to continue…]


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