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I have spent very little time covering my side hustle properties on this blog… Since my investment partners and I won both Rental Property SH #1 and Rental Property SH #2 last year, I have basically stopped talking about them completely.

It may then come as no surprise for readers to learn then, that for the most part, my [click to continue…]



From the inception of this blog up until now, my primary focus has been on reaching early financial independence. When I first started out on the journey, I thought it would be an ambitious goal to get to the top of the early FI mountain by age 37.5, so I set that as my [click to continue…]


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We all have big dreams and goals. Every one of us aspires to achieve more in life than we do even in our wildest dreams. It isn’t always easy. The going will get tough from time to time and seldom does anyone take a straight-shot ascent to the top.

You will invariably take some bumps and bruises along the way. That’s just part of life.

When it comes to investing, I’ve always believed that [click to continue…]



Over the years, I’ve updated this blog regularly with posts revealing more information about my latest real estate deals. Just a few months ago, I won Rental Property SH#3, and even back then, I predicted that it would most likely be my FINAL deal prior to checking out of Corporate America for good.

As readers know, I’m the type of investor (and person) who doesn’t like to set things in stone. I know very well that a person’s line of thinking and [click to continue…]



Let’s not mince words about it — The local real estate market in the Bay Area is going absolutely ballistic right now. Back in 2012, when I first started buying properties locally, I thought that each and every open house was an insane mad house with too many eager buyers wiling to do whatever it took to secure a deal.

Over the next few years, the flurry of interest has remained strong, but during the end of last year, I had this strong feeling that things were starting to taper off a little bit. When I was looking for [click to continue…]



As I wind down my engineering career, I can’t help but feel apprehension for the uncertain future that lies ahead. On one hand, I feel like a life without taking risks isn’t one worth living because if we don’t ever test ourselves, how can we really know what we are capable of? But on the other hand, I’m only human and have my own [click to continue…]



Here are completed pictures of Rental Property SH #3 renovations. The scope of work included renovating the majority of the house, which we were able to complete in about [click to continue…]



Rental Property SH #3 rehab is just about finished! I’d say it’s at about 95% complete right now, and only a day or two of work remains to get it up to my turnkey standards. With this rental, I definitely gave it my best shot, and was more [click to continue…]



Rental Property SH #3 rehab is still on-going, and I’m anticipating another 1-2 weeks will be needed to complete the job. Originally, I had planned on budgeting $10,000 in total, including both materials and labor.

As it turns out, we are going to need to spend more than that, since we ultimately decided to upgrade both bathrooms as well. Although it’s never ideal to [click to continue…]



Just in case you were wondering, Rental Property SH #3 is still on my mind and an active project. I haven’t blogged much about it lately because there was actually an addendum in the contract that gave the seller an option to occupy the property for up to an additional month after closing at no cost.

While this wasn’t an ideal scenario, we made [click to continue…]


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