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As I wind down my engineering career, I can’t help but feel apprehension for the uncertain future that lies ahead. On one hand, I feel like a life without taking risks isn’t one worth living because if we don’t ever test ourselves, how can we really know what we are capable of? But on the other hand, I’m only human and have my own [click to continue…]



Here are completed pictures of Rental Property SH #3 renovations. The scope of work included renovating the majority of the house, which we were able to complete in about [click to continue…]



Rental Property SH #3 rehab is just about finished! I’d say it’s at about 95% complete right now, and only a day or two of work remains to get it up to my turnkey standards. With this rental, I definitely gave it my best shot, and was more [click to continue…]



Rental Property SH #3 rehab is still on-going, and I’m anticipating another 1-2 weeks will be needed to complete the job. Originally, I had planned on budgeting $10,000 in total, including both materials and labor.

As it turns out, we are going to need to spend more than that, since we ultimately decided to upgrade both bathrooms as well. Although it’s never ideal to [click to continue…]



Just in case you were wondering, Rental Property SH #3 is still on my mind and an active project. I haven’t blogged much about it lately because there was actually an addendum in the contract that gave the seller an option to occupy the property for up to an additional month after closing at no cost.

While this wasn’t an ideal scenario, we made [click to continue…]


Exciting news this past week! I finished signing this past Friday, and am one step closer to closing out a cash out refi on Rental Property #1! Once funding is finalized next week (fingers crossed), I will be one GIANT step closer to early FI and pretirement! 🙂

As readers may be aware, I completed [click to continue…]



Hooray! 2015 is just getting started and we have another rental property under our belt! Today, my investment partner and I FINALLY were able to close escrow on Rental Property SH #3!

We got into contract in December, and let’s just say that closing this file was easily the worst [click to continue…]


Done! My cash out refi on Rental Property #2 finally got completed today. I signed off on all the docs, so funds should be wired into my account on Monday.

After all is said and done, I will have a new loan of $330,000 at the same 4.375% fixed 30 year rate. Monthly mortgage payments for Rental Property #2 will now be [click to continue…]


In the last post, I did some reflection and concluded that I needed to be more careful with my investments as I try and navigate through the last stages of early FI.

And just like it is my nature, I then go around and do something the complete opposite of that (explanation below)! This week, I put in an offer for another Bay Area rental property, and just learned that the seller accepted the bid!

So, just like that, I am now under contract to [click to continue…]



As readers may know, I’ve been trying to get money out of my rentals (unsuccessfully) for a little over a year now. I have quite a bit of equity built up into my Bay Area rentals, and have wanted to tap into it for the longest time…

One thing I failed to account for when I was loading up on rental properties is just how much more difficult I was making things for myself by taking on more loans. Getting a cash out refi using a big name bank is [click to continue…]


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