When it comes to early FI (and well, I guess life in general), it’s human nature and tendency to look at things from a linear perspective… I think that’s probably why when somebody actually gets to early FI and then reflects back they’re kind of left scratching their head and wondering:

Oh shit, what the hell just happened?

I can vouch for that because that’s kind of how it went for me… I was just some regular [click to continue…]


Ivanhoe Mines (IVN.TO/IVPAF) hit a new 52 week high today, briefly touching C$5.15/share, before closing the [click to continue…]


When it comes to early FI, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that there are indeed shortcuts there… Over the years, I’ve learned that my own preference is to focus more so on capital gains/appreciation as opposed to taking the cash flow/passive income route, which is inherently [click to continue…]


Join us for Round 3 of Casual Conversations, as I talk shop with Fabi (The Next Big Rush) and Nick (MiningBookGuy) about  [click to continue…]


It might be a little on the late side to be issuing “My Top Picks for 2017”, but better late than never, right? So, here we go…

Before we got the party started on [click to continue…]


The very first thing I learned as an investor is to “buy low and sell high“. For anyone reading this, the previous statement may seem most trivial, but I assure you that it’s absolutely not!

In fact, over the years, another observation I’ve made (without a shadow of a doubt) is [click to continue…]



To me, the selloff in precious metals mining stocks is starting to feel like late 2015 again. As I’ve often stated with these updates, I don’t think it’s possible for ANYONE to accurately predict where asset prices are headed next, so I just try and keep things [click to continue…]


LH Terminal (9 of 39)

In the last article, I articulated my belief that as investors, we shouldn’t hold onto our loser investments for too long, holding out hopes that they will be able to turnaround a broken thesis. Sure, everyone likes a feel good, underdog story, like Rocky, but reality usually doesn’t work that way… In the real world, usually the winners keep on [click to continue…]



Wonderful news this morning, as Ivanhoe Mines (IVPAF/IVN.TO) and Zijin Mining announced that they have completed their agreement in which Zijin Mining  [click to continue…]



Ivanhoe Mines (IVPAF/IVN.TO) is one of my largest individual holdings, and the vehicle I’m using to speculate on the eventual rise in copper prices. Some exciting news occurred earlier this year when the company reached an agreement with Chinese mining powerhouse Zijin Mining to sell 49.5% of its Kamoa project for $412 million.

However, this past July, the Congolese government stepped in and put a temporary halt to the deal, wanting more time to negotiate perhaps an [click to continue…]


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