Happy New Year

by FI Fighter on December 30, 2017

in Blog Update

Hey everyone! It’s New Year’s Eve out here in the East and I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

2017 was a pretty epic year (well, I guess for some industries/sectors/investments), but hopefully the party is just getting started and bigger and better things are in store for us all in 2018.

Anyway, I will say that although I’ve now been out in Manila for 3 weeks now, I’m still somewhat trying to get situated… Honestly, I’ve been mostly focused on things outside of personal finance (there’s more to happiness than just trying to make more $$$ all the time), but at some point I seriously need to get back into the groove of things again… As it pertains to blogging, right now I’m experiencing a lot of frustration having to deal with really slow (atrociously bad) internet, and despite my best efforts to hop around town trying to locate a “go to” cafe/lounge/workspace, it’s been more miss than hit so far…

I mean, even in my own apartment, the wi-fi went out for a good stretch of time and I was completely dependent on a pocket wi-fi device that was slower than 56k dial up (if anyone even remembers what those days were like)… which means I was essentially offline more than anything!

With that said, I will be busy over the next few days preparing the next “Thank You” edition, which should be out very shortly… There will be a lot of surprises/changes/shocks so please brace yourselves for something… different.

If you’re not familiar with the whole premise behind the “Thank You” newsletter, please check out this post.

For anyone who has followed this blog for any stretch of time, you already know full well by now that my main focus is on the path to early financial independence… As far as I’m concerned, everything else is just noise… So, again, please don’t be surprised (appalled) by any upcoming “big changes” that I will be making in 2018 and beyond.

As we wind down 2017, I just want to say THANK YOU again to all the loyal readers and friends who have supported this blog for so many years and continue to do so today. I am NOTHING without you great folks, and without you, I would have closed up shop a long time ago… You make everything all worthwhile!


All the best for a most prosperous and epic 2018~!





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1 KevinNo Gravatar December 31, 2017 at 4:47 pm

Thank you, Jay! You’re such an inspiration to me, more than you know! Happy New Year. Here’s to a profitable 2018!


2 MayankNo Gravatar December 31, 2017 at 8:21 pm

Thank you Jay!! I have been a long time follower of your blog first time posting to wish you a Happy new year 2018!!! Thanks for what you do to educate us and we sincerely appreciate your effort..You are an inspiration to me and reason for getting me started in mining space…thank you thank you…
Keep up the great work!!! Hope to have awesome 2018!!!
– From FI aspirant


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