January 2018

Hunger – You Can’t Teach It

by FI Fighter on January 17, 2018

in Financial Independence, Thoughts

One thing about being a world traveler is that over time you get to build a comprehensive database filled with so many different people and personalities. But no matter where I go, one thing is constant — Everyone desires financial independence.

In other words, “work (by necessity) sucks”, and everyone out there knows that…

However, when it comes right down to it, I would say only a small minority of the people that I’ve ever met have that burning desire and hunger to actually do something about it so that the amazing dream of being financially free can become a reality.

Although I wouldn’t go as far as to say [click to continue…]


My Top Picks for 2018

by FI Fighter on January 14, 2018

in Cryptocurrencies, Mining Stocks

Here are my top investing ideas [click to continue…]


As 2018 gets under way, I will admit to everyone that my focus has shifted slightly away from investing full-time, all the time 24/7. The truth of the matter is — There’s a lot more to life than just making $$$.

Granted, everyone knows the importance of striving for early FI, because in many regards, achieving such a tremendous dream/goal is indeed [click to continue…]


My Top Picks for 2017 Review

by FI Fighter on January 3, 2018

in Mining Stocks, Update

At the conclusion of 2016, I issued the following top picks for 2017.

Heading into 2017, I was quite bullish on: Birimian Limited (BGS.AX/EEYMF), Critical Elements (CRE.V/CRECF), and Ivanhoe Mines (IVN.TO/IVPAF).

How did we end up doing?

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