September 2016


So, just when everybody thought they knew what was going to happen next, the markets in turn said, “Just kidding… Haha, I sure fooled you, didn’t I?

As ALWAYS, the retail investor can only be found [click to continue…]



Lehman Brothers 2.0? When it comes to the atrocity that is Deutsche Bank (DB), it sure is looking more and more like it with each passing day…

Shares of DB hit yet another 52-week low in yesterday’s trading [click to continue…]



Buy and Hold Forever is by far the most popular and talked about strategy being utilized by the retail investor to reach early FI. It has been repeated ad nauseum across the blogosphere, especially among the most [click to continue…]


One Month In Japan

by FI Fighter on September 28, 2016

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As we enter the fall season, you could say that investing and the markets are on my mind a lot… No doubt, I’m expecting a lot of volatility between now and the end of the year…

With that said, I should also be grounded enough to realize that when it [click to continue…]


We Are In a Big, Fat, Ugly Bubble…

by FI Fighter on September 28, 2016

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The key takeaway I got from the first presidential debate is [click to continue…]



Well, at this point in time, I think it’s pretty safe to say that uranium (and uranium stocks) are deeply entrenched in a most brutal bear market. As I mentioned in a previous article, this downturn in uranium quite possibly could be the worst storm that I have ever [click to continue…]


Introducing the Start Here Section!

by FI Fighter on September 25, 2016

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Welcome to FI Fighter! My name is Jay, and I’m so glad that you decided to stop by!


This blog started in 2012, and over the years I’ve written many posts… Unfortunately, for anyone new to the site, it can feel kind of like a scavenger hunt trying to look for and pinpoint some of the more useful articles…

So, let’s try and save you some time!

Here you will find a collection of what I feel are the most important posts that I’ve published on this blog.


*Highlighted in BOLD are the articles that I would highly recommend you start with, or focus on the most…

Start Here






To be continued here



As I peruse through many of the early FI blogs across the blogosphere, I am somewhat struck to see the number of sell orders that have started to pop up. In years past, most everyone was aggressively hitting the “BUY MOAR!” button, enjoying this wonderful bull market that first took flight in 2009.

Well, as fun as the ride has been, in life, as we all [click to continue…]



The first rule of Fight Club is… Oh wait, sorry, I meant — The first rule of [click to continue…]



A few posts ago, a reader of this site made a very insightful observation — He remarked (and I’m paraphrasing just slightly here):


“You embrace macro instead of micro investing, and I’m a believer in this myself but also I’m a believer to make investing easy. 

The Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ” which hold some of your current holdings as well. The return of the index from the beginning of the year is about 117% and your current portfolio has done the same at 113%

What is the point to invest on the micro when you can just buy the index (macro) and enjoy the ride? One operation, $20 cost and it’s done. 

Am I missing out something?”


This was a most AWESOME comment, and quite frankly, I’m kind of [click to continue…]


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