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July 2016

Saying What Needs to Be Said

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Well, I’m sure the last post I wrote is bound to ruffle a few feathers… Obviously, what I said will never be popular or generally accepted by the mainstream of investors, but hey, that’s not my problem… You might have sensed it from my tone, but I really did my best to just tell it like it is… I didn’t want to pull any punches and I felt like it was necessary for me to [continue reading…]


Setting Goals… What’s That? (July 29, 2016)

December 2012 Dividends

When I first started this blog in February 2012, I was on a mission to get to early financial independence by the age of 37.5. Little did I know it at the time, but I would soon be participating in one of the greatest bull market runs in recent memory…

From around 2009 until present day, any investor could have bought [continue reading…]


Letter to My 21 Year Old Self

The following post was inspired by Kobe Bryant’s recent letter to his 17-year-old self. I’m writing this merely for [continue reading…]


My Simple (Beautiful) Life

HK_View - 1

Well, earlier this year I went ahead and did it — I quit my full-time W-2 Corporate America engineering gig and made plans to do something else with my life. Fast forward to present day, and I’ve now been living in Hong Kong for just bout a full month now!

Wow, time flies! In a recent post, I tried my best to give [continue reading…]


TSLA - 1

What a turn of events — Just a few months ago, lithium was being touted as “white petroleum”, or “white gold”. Upon the Tesla Model 3 unveiling, shares of many lithium juniors were exploding vertically, and multiplying in market capitalization seemingly every week.

As is usual with investing and speculating, what goes up, usually [continue reading…]