March 2015


Rental Property SH #3 rehab is still on-going, and I’m anticipating another 1-2 weeks will be needed to complete the job. Originally, I had planned on budgeting $10,000 in total, including both materials and labor.

As it turns out, we are going to need to spend more than that, since we ultimately decided to upgrade both bathrooms as well. Although it’s never ideal to [click to continue…]



I continued my aggressive buying spree this morning, and knocked off two more companies off my most recent Stock Watchlist. I guess these moves are starting to become rather [click to continue…]


Stock Watchlist (March 07, 2015)

by FI Fighter on March 7, 2015

in Stock Watchlist

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.04.55 PM

Well, I’ve blown through a bigger chunk of capital faster than I would have imagined when I first completed the cash out refi. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? It takes eons to save up funds, but in a mere matter of seconds, I can find many ways to [click to continue…]


January 2015 Cash Flow Statement

by FI Fighter on March 6, 2015

in Cash Flow


I apologize for the delay in posting an update to the cash flow. My PM’s online portal has been down for a few days, so I was unable to login and verify expenses for the month. Luckily, it’s [click to continue…]



I’m buying individual stocks again, and the last few moves I’ve made leaned towards being on the more aggressive side of things. Today, I decided to be a little more “boring” and focus my attention back on accumulating shares of [click to continue…]


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