March 2015

Winning With Class A Properties

by FI Fighter on March 31, 2015

in Real Estate Thoughts


My thoughts on real estate investing are constantly evolving. Throughout the last 3 years, I’ve gained more experience and gotten to observe first hand all the caveats that are involved with landlording. Not only do I invest locally, but I also own a [click to continue…]



Here are completed pictures of Rental Property SH #3 renovations. The scope of work included renovating the majority of the house, which we were able to complete in about [click to continue…]



In order to reach early FI and retire young, most everyone knows that it takes a good amount of passive income to do so. For many on the journey to early FI, the lightbulb goes off when we realize that a high income is NOT the key factor to building wealth in one’s lifetime. Rather, financial freedom is attained through owning income producing assets that [click to continue…]


February 2015 Cash Flow Statement

by FI Fighter on March 25, 2015

in Cash Flow


When it comes to early FI, cash flow (passive income) is the name of the game! With that said, February marked a month where my rental income saw things moving in the wrong direction for one particular property! Thanks to my refi of Rental Property #2, my cash flow for that unit is now [click to continue…]



Rental Property SH #3 rehab is just about finished! I’d say it’s at about 95% complete right now, and only a day or two of work remains to get it up to my turnkey standards. With this rental, I definitely gave it my best shot, and was more [click to continue…]



We early financial independence freedom fighters think very differently from the mainstream. For myself, I’m now on Year 4 of the journey, and everything I do now feels totally natural and normal. However, when I pause to think about it, I’m almost certain that if you [click to continue…]


Picking Up the Pennies

by FI Fighter on March 20, 2015

in Thoughts


The other day, I was walking down the street, and I noticed something that I’ve been observing since I was a little kid playing on the playground — free money! No, I didn’t stumble upon a stash of Benjamin’s, or a bag of coins from the US Mint, but what I found still filled me with excitement, nonetheless…

I found two [click to continue…]


February 2015 Net Worth Update

by FI Fighter on March 15, 2015

in Net Worth

It’s been a busy month with a lot more spending than usual. Once again, I’m involved in another rehab project, working on getting Rental Property SH #3 up to my turnkey standards. It’s costing me more than I had originally budgeted for, and as a [click to continue…]


The Real Battle Continues (Day 52)

by FI Fighter on March 13, 2015

in Health Updates


In the last post, I talked about how awesome life is and how much I’m enjoying my time off due to my regained freedom. Of course, like most things, there’s ALWAYS two sides to the coin… a yin and a yang, if you will. I guess you could say that my preference is to try and keep things [click to continue…]



I have now been on a leave of absence from work for 51 days! Yikes, that’s extremely hard for me to believe, and it honestly doesn’t feel like all that much time has passed by already… Wow, in the blink of an eye, almost! Strange, that’s the exact feeling I used to get when I was [click to continue…]


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