December 2014

Goals for 2014 Review

by FI Fighter on December 31, 2014

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Well, we are down to the last day of 2014! So, just before we flip the page and go “out with the old, and in with the new”, I would like to take some time to reflect back on the goals set earlier this [click to continue…]


November 2014 Cash Flow Statement

by FI Fighter on December 30, 2014

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It’s been awhile since I’ve injected fresh capital into beefing up the cash flow. The last two deals I won were appreciation plays far off into the distant future. And although I am very grateful to have landed those deals, I’m already realizing that my quest for cash flow is nowhere near [click to continue…]


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If you’re like me and read a lot of forums (whether stocks or real estate), a common question that always comes up is, “If you had x amount of money, how would you invest it?

So, I thought this would be a great question to ask the readers of this site. Just as an arbitrary figure, suppose that you had [click to continue…]


Greetings From Key West! (December 23, 2014)

by FI Fighter on December 23, 2014

in Travel Updates


Hello from Key West! It’s my favorite time of year again, and to celebrate, I decided to take another vacation. The weather is just lovely right now, and I’m going to make sure to enjoy as much fun in the sun as possible while I’m here in the sunshine state. I’ll be making my way to [click to continue…]


Pretirement: The Perfect Compromise?

by FI Fighter on December 18, 2014

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I play with electronics all day long, but I don’t believe in binary numbers. Nor black and white, for that matter. Rather, I believe the real-world is much more complex than that and filled with [click to continue…]


It’s been a long while, but today’s transaction signals my shift in strategy back to dividend growth stocks. It’s kind of hard for me to believe, but prior to today’s purchase, I hadn’t picked up ANY dividend stocks since late 2012!

Two years later, I’m back where I started from. I used today as an opportunity to [click to continue…]


Early FI: How Bad Do You Really Want It?

by FI Fighter on December 14, 2014

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I first discovered the concept of early financial independence in late 2011. I vividly remember coming home from work late one night, totally burned out as usual, and having no desire to do anything else other than to plop myself  [click to continue…]


November 2014 Net Worth Update

by FI Fighter on December 12, 2014

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Just one more week until company shutdown and then I’m off to Miami! Yup, it’s that time of year again… When winter comes rolling around, I’m making it a habit to flee to someplace warm! Hawaii sounds just about [click to continue…]


In the last post, I did some reflection and concluded that I needed to be more careful with my investments as I try and navigate through the last stages of early FI.

And just like it is my nature, I then go around and do something the complete opposite of that (explanation below)! This week, I put in an offer for another Bay Area rental property, and just learned that the seller accepted the bid!

So, just like that, I am now under contract to [click to continue…]


The Many Emotional Stages of Wealth Building

by FI Fighter on December 1, 2014

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Lately, I’ve been hanging out with a lot of successful investors. Multi-millionaires, if you will, who could EASILY retire tomorrow and live out the rest of their lives in extreme comfort and relaxation. However, time and time again, I find that these people are now even more consumed with building [click to continue…]


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