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July 2014

Wow! A whirlwind of activities has transpired in the last 24 hours; I almost had to pinch myself this morning to actually believe everything that’s been going on…

As readers may know, lately, I’ve been attending some [continue reading…]


Mid-Year Progress Report (July 29, 2014)


2014 is more than half way over, so I thought now would be a fitting time to update readers on all the progress made so far this year. We are now in Year 3 of the journey to early FI, and it’s time to reflect back [continue reading…]


Real Estate Investing: The Exit Strategy


There’s an old saying — “A rising tide lifts all boats.” In an upmarket (like the one we are currently experiencing right now), almost every single investor looks like a genius. You can literally put your money into any real estate purchase, and your investment will keep on going up!

Who knew flipping could be so easy? Just buy, hold… don’t fix a thing, and you can easily sell it back to the marketplace a [continue reading…]


A Lavish European Honeymoon for ONLY $1,300!

ScreenHunter_64 Jul. 15 16.55


A few months ago, I was eating lunch with a coworker, and he was telling me about his upcoming European honeymoon. I asked him how much he thought the trip would cost, and he replied:

I think with just flight and hotels, it will cost me $10,000 for two people.

My jaw dropped…..

I asked him: “If it was possible to do it for less than $1,000, would you be interested?”

His eyes widened.

And so it began, and the next few lunches were spent talking about the tricks and secrets to Travel Hacking.

Needless to say, he was hooked! [continue reading…]


ScreenHunter_29 Jul. 17 00.25

The Easiest, Quickest, and Cheapest method to collecting millions of miles/points is to simply apply for credit cards! This is by far the most lucrative method available today, and there really isn’t anything else that comes close. For example, in the past five years, I’ve opened/closed at least 50 credit cards, and accumulated over 3 million miles/points. Yes, that’s correct, it’s possible to accumulate a balance in the Millions! [continue reading…]