May 2012

Financial independence is a dream of mine, but to discover how it came to be involves retracing back to the early days of my youth. During this period of time, financial independence didn’t yet exist for me, but pure, unrestricted play time was something I truly embraced. In fact, my first recollections of desiring to be free take me all the way back to the beginning of grade school. I used to dread the end of Summer, as this signaled [click to continue…]



With interest rates now as low as 3.875%, for a 30 year fixed home loan, I recently decided to entertain the idea of investing in real estate. The main appeal in dividend investing, as it pertains to early financial independence, is to create a passive income stream that generates enough cash flow to exceed monthly expenditures. When investing in stocks, one of the first rules [click to continue…]


“Time to go to the bank and transfer funds- this Facebook thing is gonna be huge!”These were the words spoken to me by a friend who will be joining the legion of fanatics jumping on board when Facebook IPO’s this week. Call me skeptical, but I just [click to continue…]


The importance of staying out of debt was discussed in Part 2 – Core Fundamentals: Treat Debt like the Plauge (Part 2). Once this barrier has been overcome, the next step in establishing our ‘Path to Early Financial Independence’ plan is to analyze our monthly savings rate. In order to adequately build a growing portfolio, sufficient funds [click to continue…]


Though I am still cautious about the stock market in general, I decided to use last week as an opportunity to initiate positions in two companies – BP p.l.c. (BP) and Emerson Electric (EMR). Both stocks were on my recent [click to continue…]


New to the Yakezie Challenge!

by FI Fighter on May 9, 2012

in Site Update

I am excited to announce that has signed up for the Yakezie Challenge! Yakezie’s motto is “selflessly helping others”. I have only been on the forums [click to continue…]


Re-embracing the College Lifestyle

by FI Fighter on May 6, 2012

in Ways to Save Money

The picture above might be a bit extreme, but I think a lot of useful nuggets can be ascertained by re-examining the college experience. No, not THAT college experience! But the other aspect of college life that was perfected [click to continue…]


April 2012 Monthly Expenses

by FI Fighter on May 1, 2012

in Monthly Expenses

As a result of over-indulging last month, I made a more conscious effort to step up my savings for this month. For starters, I ate out much less frequently, and subsisted on eating cheap, energy dense foods such as oatmeal, rice, and pasta. I also took advantage of [click to continue…]


3 Stocks I’m Watching (May 1, 2012)

by FI Fighter on May 1, 2012

in Stock Watchlist

As I stated in the previous article, I am still waiting for a pullback before adding to, or initiating any new positions. With that said, here are a few stocks that I am [click to continue…]


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