Mining is a very cyclical business and mining stocks are even more crazy volatile. Although there are many ways to succeed in the Game of Speculation, my absolute most preferred [click to continue…]

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Thanks for voting everyone! The first Real Wealth Stock Poll concluded this weekend, and with funds already transferred to my brokerage account, I was able to pull the trigger and make a purchase this morning for [click to continue…]


The proceeds earned during August 2018 from eBook sales are currently being transferred to my brokerage account. Now, it’s time to vote on which [click to continue…]


Summed up in a [click to continue…]

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It’s been an absolutely horrendous year to be invested in lithium stocks… For myself, although I did sell out of many positions in early January of this year and booked some nice profits, unfortunately, I did get a little too greedy and didn’t sell nearly enough…

Now, I’m paying [click to continue…]


Well, I guess you could say the writing was on the wall with [click to continue…]


We’re back from the long holiday weekend and it’s time to beat up on gold and silver again, says the market.

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Thank You for the Donations! (September 3, 2018)

by FI Fighter on September 3, 2018

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It’s been just a few days since I published the inaugural Real Wealth Income Report for August 2018, and I’m already very pleased to provide readers with this latest [click to continue…]


Up next — Clean Tech eBook!

Coincidentally, this [click to continue…]


Join me on my new quest for redemption! After blowing myself up to the tune of losing over -$200,000 investing in junk turnkey turkey properties out-of-state (South Chicago), I’m going to do my best to: start over, work extra hard, and rebuild for a better tomorrow.

While I apply myself (and my labor) to try and earn $200,000 all over again, I’m going to make things more fun and [click to continue…]


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